Having rodents in your home can be a serious nuisance. Due to their habits and biology, it is a challenge to control them. Like humans, they are warm-blooded animals and found throughout the world. Both rats and mice are rodents, and both of them become equally irritating when they find a way into your home. They live in the sewerage lines and come out of the holes they find. They contaminate your food and often carry diseases. Let’s talk about rodents pest control - facts, identification, & control.

Some Facts about Rodents

We will first talk about the facts and figures of rodents before discussing their control and prevention.

  • They belong to the order Rodentia, having more than 2,000 species that are further divided into many classes.
  • They have large front teeth for biting and side teeth for chewing.
  • Rats have a sharp instinct and can quickly identify anything new in the environment. So, whatever insect/rodent killer you apply, they come to know about it within seconds.
  • Rats also transmit diseases by carrying parasites such as ticks and fleas into your home.
  • Rodents breed rapidly and maintain their population through constant reproduction.

How to Identify and Control Rodents

Never try to handle rodents on your own; it is inadvisable. They have sharp teeth; therefore, they can bite you and give you serious injuries or diseases. They carry pathogenic bacteria and viruses with them and also transmit diseases through their saliva, urine, and feces. Once you locate a single rodent in your home, call a professional promptly, because the presence of just one indicates a larger infestation.

Is there any prevention you can take to control a rodent infestation? Actually, there are a few. We recommend you not to handle them yourself, but you can take the following preventive measures.

  • Keep all food sources hidden. The rodents are always in search of food, especially small crumbs and garbage. Keep food either in glass containers or metal seals to avoid contamination. Don’t leave fruits and vegetables on counters or in the sink because they may attract pests.
  • Seal all the possible holes from where they can come; especially check the openings of your gutter lines.
  • Clean your home and surroundings. Start a cleaning campaign along with your neighbors because rodents spread quickly. If they have entered your neighborhood, the chances of coming to your home are high. After taking these preventative measures, contact Termanator for professional expertise. We will not only solve your current problem, but we'll prevent future infestations as well. We make a home inspection first and then present a plan to solve your problem.
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