The dual nature mites can be a tremendous nuisance once they step into your home. They can survive on both land and water, but they prefer to live on the land. Their source of food is dead human and animal skin that has been shed. They are protein-lovers and feed on the high-protein foods. Out of thousands of species, three of the most common types are the bird, rodent, and dust mites. Do you want to know about mites pest control - facts, identification, & control? Continue reading.

Some Facts about Mites

Before moving forward, let’s cover some facts and figures first.

  • To be honest, there are uncountable species of mites. Most of them are not more than one millimeter in length.
  • They are arachnids; so, their bodies are composed of prosoma and abdomen, and they have four pairs of legs.
  • They reach maturity after passing through the larva and pupa stages.
  • Bird mites cause troubles for birds and rodent mites are problematic for crops.
  • Some are parasitic in nature and cause lethal respiratory problems to their human host and skin irritations in animals, while others are carriers who transmit diseases.

How to Identify and Control Mites

The signs of presence depend on the species because some of them aren’t very visible. However, their movement can sometimes be felt. Rodent mites can be detected with the webs they form around plants. They are also capable of causing leaf fading, so if you find a lot of fallen off leaves, you need to take it seriously. However, some species are easily visible because they are bright in color. The problems caused by the parasitic mites are another sign of their presence, but the reason might be different, so ask your physician first before taking action. Even though bird mites are not dangerous to human health, they can be a serious irritant. They feed on birds, but if they can't find a suitable host, they may live on humans as well.

The parasitic mites are the serious problem-causing insects. If they have found a way into your home, you need to consult a professional exterminator immediately. Don’t try to eliminate them through home remedies because they can be perilous. So, it’s not worth the risk. For professional assistance, call Termanator and get rid of your problem. We are professional pest exterminators and know all specifics of the mites’ eradication. Because some species are difficult to see, we have detectors to help find them and apply professional strength chemicals to exterminate them. We also ensure the prevention of future mites returning.

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