Lice are blood-sucking insects that rely on mammals, especially humans for their food. There are several types, including bird, head, and body lice. The most common and nasty of them is the head type. Bird lice live on birds, but may also be found on the human skin. The most irritating, head lice live both in the long and the short hair of humans. It is a myth that their presence is due to the lack of cleanliness, it’s not. Body lice resemble hair lice, but they live on clothes rather than the scalp. We are here to tell you all about lice pest control - facts, identification & control.

The Facts and Figures of Lice

Following are some common facts and figures about lice.

  • Lice are black colored insects around two to three millimeters long.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are several types. Three of the most common, bird, head and body, have been described above.
  • They are parasitic and puncture the scalp in search of blood for their food. No matter the type, they are all out for blood.
  • The females produce five to six eggs daily for about a month. That is why they grow and multiply at a fast pace.

How to Identify and Control Lice?

Head lice spread through person-to-person contact. Their presence is not at all associated with the hygiene. However, body lice prevail when you do have neatness issues. Whatever the cause, an infestation (pediculosis) will make your life hell. Believe it or not, once they have come and lived with you, they don’t leave easily. The most common signs of infestation are skin irritations and small eggs sightings in the hair or clothing. The intense itching results in scratching and eventually leads to sores and skin infections. When the body type live for long, they may cause a disease known as vagabond’s disease. It is caused when the repeatedly bitten regions of skin become dark and thick.

So, how to prevent yourself from lice causing sores and infections? Yes, in same cases you can do it yourself at home. For body lice eradication, you simply need to clean your body, clothes, and home. However, cleaning won't help in the case of head lice. A standard quality anti-lice medicine/shampoo can be fruitful, but it may not be enough when the population is out of control. Like other insecticides, it will kill the adults only. So, it will be effective for a short period, but the problem may soon return when the eggs hatch. What should you do then? That’s when you need the assistance of a professional. They know how and when to kill the eggs that the over the counter medication has missed. This causes a long-term lice eradication. So, call Termanator when you need quick and effective results.

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