Have you ever encountered small dark-colored insects similar to flies? Well, only a close observation could differentiate between a fly and a gnat. Gnats are small fly-like dark-colored insects. There are two types of gnats: black (though they are rarely black) and fungus. The latter is more troublesome than the former. The source of food is different for both of them. As the name indicates, the fungus variant feed on fungus. So, where will they find fungus in your home? It’s found in the over-watered in-house plants. Stick around to learn more about gnats pestcontrol - facts, identification & control.

Some Facts about Gnats

It is important to know the facts and figures before going for the identification and ways of controlling. So, have a look at the following points.

  • The size may vary, but they are at most 33 mm long.
  • Gnats are the miniature version of flies. Contrary to a common myth, these teeny-weeny flies aren’t immature, but adults.
  • A fungus gnat infestation is capable of causing root damage in plants.
  • The eggs are laid either on land or water, depending on the type. The larvae are usually immovable.
  • Surprisingly, they can be both useful and harmful. Some act as pollinators while others are crop pests.
  • Like flies, they are also disease spreading insects. They carry parasites on their legs and deliver them into the human food and livestock.

How to Identify and Control Gnats

The adult fruit gnats fly freely in the air so that they can be easily sighted. Identifying the fungus version is even easier because they are found close to plant roots. However, upon reaching adulthood, they like to venture away, move around, fly in circles around wet soil. Rainfall or over-watering plants outside or inside your home may cause the accumulation of fungus gnats.

There is both good and bad news regarding the control of gnats. Let’s talk about the bad news first so that you may later enjoy the good news. The bad news is that your plants might die while killing fungus gnats. You may be wondering why? It’s because you have to stop watering the plants in which they have found their shelter and food. Stopping watering will stop the fungus from growing. It is the easiest way to get rid of them by removing their food source.

Now, let us tell you the good news. For the eradication of gnats, you do not necessarily need a professional exterminator, especially when there are only the fungus type present. The solution mentioned above should take care of them. Controlling the fruit version however may be a more tricky process for you. If they get out of control, you may need a professional exterminator. So call Termanator when needed, and they will solve your problem.

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