Do you have a flea infestation? Fleas can be some of the most obtrusive insects of all. Apart from causing hygiene problems, they may cause property damage as well. Fleas can be very difficult to eradicate by yourself. They must have caused you embarrassment in front of your guests. We know they make your home almost uninhabitable. Do you know they also have negative psychological effects on you? You will get to know about fleas pest control- facts, identification & control, as the article unfolds.

Some General Facts about Fleas

Let’s first talk about some facts and figures about fleas.

  • They are about 2.5 mm long, and there are around 2000 species of fleas in the world.
  • Fleas are known as the “wingless pipes” due to their blood sucking ability. The blood flows through the body of fleas like the water flows through the pipe.
  • They multiply at an ever faster rate because, for three months straight, the female fleas lay many dozen eggs. This is the reason their population is not in thousands, but millions or even billions.
  • For survival, they require humidity.
  • They like to live on hairy animals such as rabbits, cats, squirrels, rats, and others.
  • They are wingless insects, but they can jump long distances.

How to Identify and Control Fleas

The most common way of identifying adult fleas is the presence of their feces in your home. Have you ever found something like granular black pepper in your home? Yeah, it might not be the pepper, but the flea droppings, so check carefully! It shows their ongoing activity in your home.

The different stages of egg, larvae, and pupae are entirely different. At these stages, they are secretive and sluggish and live in outside places where it is difficult to locate them. Once they move to the adult stage, it gets far more difficult to control them.

So, how should you control these ever growing creatures? You may try using some recommended products or something you saw in an advertisement but it probably won't be enough. The best solution is to call a professional because they are capable of identifying the fleas hidden presence at the immature stages. Simple over the counter products may kill the mature fleas that you can locate. You may find them eradicated for some time, but the infestation may soon reappear because the eggs, larvae and pupae will soon emerge as adults. Termanator exterminators will first carefully inspect and locate the tiniest areas where fleas might be present in your home including those in the pre-adult stages. They will then prepare a flea management plan that includes physical and mechanical modifications of flea habitats that ensure their eradication for a long time. Termanator technicians are highly equipped professionals and have the best quality detectors and treatments. So contact Termanator at the first sign of fleas and make your home flea-free in no time.

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